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No storage point in this game. There is no return. Only you and six bullets. Let them be counted! SIX SHOTS is a violent, adventure, and action titled game developed by Jack Goddard. Two brothers with the names Brett and Michael are looking for a detective called Toby Capper. These two brothers are known as chain killers. The game is narrated in the shortest state. The detective succeeds in killing one of these two murderous killers, Michael. He remains, his brother, and a vast and vast land! You have to explore carefully and find Brett Parks and do your duty!

Instructions for use:

1, extract
2, install the Update folder under the upgrade patch to the game directory
3, copy the PLAZA folder under the DVD file to the game installation directory
4, run the game

Upgrade file installation steps:

1. Install the “six rounds of ammunition” PLAZA version of the game:
2. install the upgrade file

Release Notes:


Update 2:
Fix missing data

Download link:

– Download the SIX.SHOTS.Update.2- PLAZA update with direct link

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