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Shuyan Saga PC-PLAZA

Shuyan Saga game for the PC platform on 8 August 2017 in the network Steam was possible at the same time, the final crack RELOADED game was released for it. Shuyan Saga is a graphic serial game based on the novel, with action sequences displayed on the game as a 3D gameplay. In fact, you’re narrated by the story and it’s going to happen to you between those action battles. The atmosphere of the game is in ancient China’s atmosphere and is blended with fantasy art design. You will be on a challenging journey as Shuyan.
The Shuyan Saga is an action, adventure, and jugular style that Lofty Sky has undertaken to develop and publish. Shuyan is a brutal prince who is a mystery behind her. He wants to become a real master in Kung Fu, so that he can dissuade Devil Guer from his evil actions to destroy the land of “five kingdoms” and destroy him! For further reading the description as well as downloading the game Shuyan Saga please refer to the Read more.

Minimum System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel i7 2600K
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Gefore GTX 560
DirectX: Version 9.0
Storage: 3 GB available space

File info:

File size: 939 MB
Release Date: Aug-08-2017
Source: Download – Free software, games, movies and serials
Price: $ 28.98

Installation guide:

1) Be aware that your antivirus is completely inactive.
2. Extract the compressed files by WinRar and run the ISO file obtained after the Extract by Daemon Tools software.
3) Install the game.
4) Replace the files in the PLAZA folder at the game installation location.
5) Enjoy playing games.

Download link:

Download game Shuyan.Saga- PLAZA with direct link

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