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MotoGP 17 Update 1.0 PC-CODEX

Instructions for use:

1. Unzip
2. Run the corresponding file in the update directory of the EXE install the upgrade file
3. Copy the same directory under the CODEX folder to the file directory to cover the
game 4. Start the game

Upgrade file installation steps:

1. Install the “MotoGP 17” DVD-free version:
2. Install this upgrade file

Update description: (machine turn)

Update v1.0:

Update 1:
Fixed a random collision in single player and multiplayer mode.
Improve the stability of multiplayer mode.
Repair the startup failure on the PC, the lack of the correct Media Pack (still strongly recommended to install Media Pack).
Management of various occupational repair: staff management, e-mail, research and development, activities.
Improved tire and bicycle damage status HUD.
Improve online stability.

Update 1:
Fixed random crash in single player and multiplayer modes.
Improved fix in multiplayer modes.
Fixed crash at start on PCs missing proper Media Pack (installing Media Pack still highly recommended).
Various fixes in Managerial Career: Staff management, Emails, R & D , Activities.
Improved Tire Bike Damage Status and the HUD.
Improved Stability Online.


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