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Aven Colony Update v1.0.20363-CODEX

The task of users in the Aven Colony game is to form the community and the city on the Aven Prime planet, an alien planet that includes desert and forestlands that are thousands of light years away. Develop your city and community and protect your citizens. Manage your resources and, despite the dangers that exist on an alien planet, move your community towards success and development. The rich resources in this alien kernel include oxygen production, electricity and energy, as well as other factors such as shortages of food, crimes, shortages of equipment and even the lives of citizens. There are various types of buildings, including industrial, urban, etc., which can be used to build small-scale buildings to skyscrapers. Many of these buildings can be upgraded to three different stages

Instructions for use:

1, extract
2, install the Update folder under the upgrade patch to the game directory
3, copy the Codex folder under the DVD-free file to the game installation directory
4, run the game

Upgrade file installation steps:

1. Install the “Avon Colonial” original game:
2. install “Ai Wen Colonial” v1.0.20217 upgrade file:
3. Install this upgrade file.

Download Link:

– Download the Aven.Colony game update. Update .v1.0.20363-CODEX Direct Link

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